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Why hot melt glue is cracked after adhere?

Hot melt adhesive is environmental and notoxic,so it is become popular in market,the demands is increasing day after day.
This time, We want to share with: Why hot melt glue is cracked after adhere?
If you meet this problems, you can considering below points to find the solution ways.
◆ Please check, whether you changed your operation ways,or operation tochnology
◆ Check your material whether different
◆ Check whether exist any materials that it is compatible with hot melt glue
◆ Maybe,you can not adhere at the best time (Within open time),please TDS,and adjust it.
◆ Temperature.Temperature is one important factor that impact the performance of glue. Such as, if you use one hot melt glue which not low temperature resistant,once the temperature of products,or stock condition etc is become cold, the glue will be broken up.So,befor select hot melt glue,please considering this factor,it is very important.

Just a few experience share with you all, maybe,more reason will also lead to this problem,please communicate with your glue supplier or equipment supplier.