Applications For Glue

The influences of thin glue for bookbinding

No matter what brand of book binding glue, have their own a suitable viscosity of the consistency of the consistency, the condition reached, the performance will come out, No problem for sticking paper book. However, due to various reasons, the performance of the bookbinding adhesive is often not so smooth, no confirmed standard from manufacturer ,can not well stick to book. Arguably, the whole process of the bookbinding glue from a solid to liquid, the consistency of glue although there is a guiding data, but in fact it is will been controled according to the ways you like in order to fit the actual requirements and the effect of coping with glue,adhesive properties. Besides, if the glue too thin will increase the difficults of  adhesion of installed roller,less glue on the roll wheel, it means that the amount of adhesive on the back. To dilute glue like room temperature water as the penetration of the book will be great, glue flow to the gap between the pages, even at the top of the spine without glue. Moreover, if the book core is too large, books and periodicals are not easy to open. If the glue is stuck so close to the content of the book, the reader feel not good, it also impact the quality of the book.

The quality is the most important for bookbinding, it needs to ensure that the entire process of the smooth progress, including the requirements to grasp the degree of consistency of the gel fluid. It should be noted that the hot melt can not been endlessly heatinged, the most glue for bookbinding ,once heat to around 150 degrees, the adhesion strength will not be good or strong, even there is no viscous.So  when using hot melt adhesive, it is best to follow the manufacturer's standard to guide the operation, so as to avoid the production problems, and even can improve the substrate.