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Basic Knowledge for EVA hot melt glue

Let me know the basic EVA hot melt glue:
We are factory,we can produce all kinds of hot melt glue sticks with different diameters that can be used with various hot melt glue gun,today,let us know some about EVA based hot melt glue stick,Glad to share with you all.
1.Temperature resistance: normally,EVA based hot melt glue is not very good for temperature resistance,but some will be reach temperatrue resistance from -10 centigrade C

to 80 centigrade C, that's good already for EVA glue.
2.Bonding Power: Excellent adhesion,nearly can adhere with all the substrate materials.
3.Operation advantages: low viscosity,easy to operations,good electricity function,wonderful hot melt with other binding agent.Can easy to adjust the formula in order to get more suitable price&adhesion,or other requirements for customers.
4.Main applications:All kinds of packing,Impact-absorbing materials,such as EPE foam.,Decorations, Various toys,handicraft,wooden industry,such as V-cut assembly,edge banding sealing.Paper products,Profile wrapping,nonwoven cloth,Electronics etc.