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About our pressure sensitive adhesive for label and tape

Our pressure sensitive adhesive can be used on tapes and back glue of labels. They are widely used on sealing tape, security tape, tape on courier bag and PE bag, paper lable,paper file sealing, OPP/PET plastic label, RFID label, back glue of Velcro, double-sided tape, back glue of elastic bandage, medical tape,such as woundplast, etc. 

As you know,pressure sensitive for using on tapes,mainly two types, tamper evident (permanent type) and peelable sealing type. Depends on customers’ products needs, we can provide high strength or week tack glue to meet your requirements. As for other special materials that hard to adhere, such as PE material, we also have appropriate pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesive with heat resistance and high retention force. 

The main features of pressure sensitive adhesive for our company,mainly as following for your ref.,
●No oil ooze makes permanent tack. Paper label has no problem during long time storage.
●Good die-cutting performance prevents excessive glue on cutting area. Bags do not stick to each other. Easy stripping enhances with smooth operation.
●Good high heat and low temperature resistant performance.It is easy and convenient for storage and transport.

●Widely used for various materials for bonding.

More details we can  do, welcome to contact us for more services and supports