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Three major factors affecting the hot melt adhesive effect

Three major factors affecting the hot melt adhesive effect
A, hot melt adhesive

(a) viscosity: influence of fluidity, permeability, coating performance, glue temperature, drawing etc.. 

(b) softening point: effects of temperature, heat resistance, curing speed etc.. 

(c) opening time: influence of permeability and adhesion strength. 

(d) curing speed: impact on the strength and production efficiency. 

(E) affinity: influence of bonding strength.  

(f) other factors: cohesion, thermal adhesion, heat resistance, flexibility etc.. 

B, substrate

(a) polarity: polarity attraction, adhesive and substrate polarity similar good bonding effect.  
(b) density: loose material easy penetration, high pressure for a short time pressure; and dense material.  

(c) surface tension: surface tension will affect the invasion and adhesion. Corona treatment, grinding and drilling are helpful to improve adhesion. 

(d) polar ink: ink, adhesive effect and density of the end of the paper will affect the bonding effect of hot melt adhesive.  

(E): the surface temperature of the surface temperature is too low will affect the hot melt adhesive infiltration, open time and high permeability; extend the curing time. (f) moisture, surface treatment and pollution seriously affect the bonding strength. 

C, equipment and technology

(a) speed: high speed production line often reduces the open time requirements, but improve the curing speed requirements. 

(b) glue temperature: improve glue temperature will be extended opening hours, slow curing speed, strengthen permeability.

 (c) pressure: enough pressure permeation, help hot melt infiltration and solidification.  

(d) holding time: the equipment shall be designed so that the curing time of heat melt pressure time long or at least enough thermal viscous force. 

(E) glue: increase the glue, glue can improve infiltration and infiltration, extend the opening time, slow curing speed etc.. 

(f) model hot melt glue: with glue, glue table model of open area time short, fast curing speed.