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Demand for nonwoven, high-performance adhesives continues to increase as the need for disposable hygiene products, such as baby diapers, training pants, feminine protection, and adult incontinence products, grows across the global. 

Our factory can produce various PSA,widely used in Medical,Disposable hygiene products,Shoes,PET case,Floors,Buckle,Various labels, Automotive industry.

◆Hygiene Products: Diapers/Diaper Construction/Diaper Hook and Ear Attachment/Diaper Elastic/Diaper Multi-purpose Use/FTT adhesive /Anti-slip adhesive/ Women sanitary napkins;
◆Medical industry: Infusion pads/Wound care pads/Protective pad/Medical nonwoven elastic cohesive bandage/Medical adhesive tape/Medical protective clothing.
◆Automobiles: Carpet lamination / Insulation cotton lamination / Wire fixing / Components fixing / Adhesive for car lamps

★Excellent adhension strength
★Good thermal stability
★No residue
★Good mobility
★Perfect initial adhesion and holding adhesion power

Item No.: RH9851B Peel strengths: >15N/in
Description: Square glue block Viscosity
Color: Semi-transparent Softening Point(℃): 95±5
Initial adhension:: >12# copper ball Operation Temp(℃): 160-180

Can use adhesive stove,Guns,Glue sprayer,Roller coating,Knife coating

★Please learn the temperature resistance requirements before your selection for PSA.
★Considering peel strength:Good flexible PSA for uneven outside tear;Good Hardness and intensity PSA for even outside tear.
★Considering environmental condition:sucha as air temperature,wet condition etc
★Surface to be bonded should be clean,dry,free of loose particles.Wipe plastic and metal surfaces with solvent(eg.Acetone)
★Do not mix with other glue brand
★Control well the speed of glue,the temperature of gun,turn off the power when no operation
★Apply firm pressure and do not adjust joint has been made.
★Melt System with high temperature,In order to avoid scald,please put on protective goggles and gloves when operation,do not use hand to touch.If scald,please put scald place immersion in water at least ten minutes,then go to hospital for further treatment.
★General hot melt glue achieve around 50% bond strength after 1 minute,and 75% strength after 1 hour;Smooth surfaces are more difficult to adhere than rough,or porous surfaces.

Store in a cool and dry place,out of direct sunlight,and prevent exposure to temperature extremes,best store temperature condition between 5℃ and 20℃.

Best used within 24 months from date of manufacture when stored under the above conditions in the original unopened containers or packing.

20KG/Carton,packed with release paper per block,0.5KG/block.

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