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This Item is our new products,PO based hot melt glue stick,the performance that under -30℃ with very strong adhesion strength,can adhere many materials which difficult to bond,such as,PVC plastic products,metal products,PP coated,PE coated materials etc. Only Two factory can produce it all over China,It is one best glue slice of our company.

Plastic materials,filter,products that high heat resistant with strong adhesion strength.

1) High temperature resistant (120℃)

2) Keep strong adhesion strength under high temperature condition

Composition      :                               synthetic resin

Solid content     :                                  100%

Gardner color    :                            1-2

Molten gardner  :                              142-152℃

Brookfield viscosity:



Toxicity              :                                   none

Recommended applcation temp:           170℃-190℃

Shelf life :                                              two years

100-150W glue gun

★Preheat the equipment befor use
★Surface to be bonded should be clean,dry,free of loose particles.Wipe plastic and metal surfaces with solvent(eg.Acetone)
★Control well the speed of glue,the temperature of gun,turn off the power when no operation
★Apply firm pressure and do not adjust joint has been made.
★Joint the bond within open time for keeping optimum binding strength
★Melt System with high temperature,In order to avoid scald,please put on protective goggles and gloves when operation,do not use hand to touch.If scald,please put scald place immersion in water at least ten minutes,then go to hospital for further treatment.
★If substrates could be pre-warmed to 60℃ at least,eg metal surfaces,the stronger bond strengths will be achieved
★General hot melt glue achieve around 50% bond strength after 1 minute,and 75% strength after 1 hour;Smooth surfaces are more difficult to adhere than rough,or porous surfaces.

Store in a cool and dry place,out of direct sunlight,and prevent exposure to temperature extremes,best store temperature condition between 5℃ and 20℃.

Best used within 24 months from date of manufacture when stored under the above conditions in the original unopened containers or packing.