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Hot melt film glue

Temperature resistant film glue

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This is our one new developed film glue,low temperature -25℃,and high heat resistant 120,with good adhesion strength. Main use for embroidery,Emblem stick,Armlet lamination,fabric lamination,also well adhere aluminum products,bitumen sheets laminations,diamond decorations to textile and other products.

1. Good adhesion strength for various textile and Aluminum,metal products.

2. Oid resistance

3. Washable

4. Not contain methybenzene,Non-toxic,Environmental

5. Not contain solvent,no need to drying

Apperance: Transparent,Flexible,with good quality release film

Materials: Good quality PO based,Environmental

Melting point: 95-115OC

Thickness: 0.06MM


1. First 100OC-130OC pressure on back of embroidery&Emblem,then 30OC180OC pressure for lamination

2. Pressure strength: 0.5-3kg/cm2

3. Pressure time: First pressure to back 3-8S,the second lamination 5-20S.

200Y/Roll, 100Y/Roll

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